Hail Damage

Scan N Go are experts at detecting and assessing hail damage.

Our scanner makes the assessment and quoting procedure more efficient, it is faster, contactless and accurate.

Assessing hail damage on vehicles has been a human process, counting dents and quoting for repair based on what the assessor can see with the naked eye. Counts of hail dents can vary depending on the person counting, which is only natural. It is also a time consuming process to walk around the car and look from all angles to physically count how many hail dents there are.

The Scan N Go scanner takes out this human element. The owner of the vehicle drives through the scanner, and the scanner and software does the rest. This means no human error, and no contact with the vehicle owner is required, especially important in these days of Covid-19.

This entire process is cut down to several minutes, and a quote is generated for the insurer that is accurate and fast.

This is the logical next step in hail repairs.



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  • Is Scan N Go ready to go?

    Yes, Scan N Go is commercially ready to deploy once all necessary compliance and integrations are completed.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each client application and approach is different, so we establish a needs and compliance requirement in the first instance.

  • What does SNG do?

    We provide vehicle scanning solutions for Insurance, fleet and maritime offloading and storage facilities. Scanning hardware, software and managed programs to suit partner applications when it comes to vehicle damage identification. Our program is just that, Scan and Go.

  • Who is Scan N Go?

    SNG is an Australian owned and operated company and sole distributor for DCC scanning hardware and software in Australia and New Zealand.

  • What are the benefits of Scan N Go?
    1. Low to zero human contact at traditional touch points
    2. Consistently report vehicle condition
    3.  Accurate condition reports
    4.  Higher volume through put of vehicles per hour than traditional, manual methods
    5.  Lower cost of operation compared to traditional manual methods
  • Does SNG promote Covid compliance?

    Scan N Go programs promote safe work practices by reducing/eliminating touch points

  • How do I find out more?

    make initial contact through our contact us on this website or by dialing